• Vegetable Poha

    Plate/ 79

    Poha or Pohe is a quick Indian breakfast & snack made with beaten rice or flattened rice, spices, peanuts and onions. We prepare it with the best quality ingredients for best flavor and is served with green chutney and tomato ketchup.

  • Sevai Pulao

    Plate/ 89

    The exciting noodle like appearance of vercimilli really works in the favor of Sevai Pulao, making it a hot favorite of kids. Assorted Veggies, Spices and garam masala gives it the best taste.

  • Poori with Aloo Sabzi

    Plate/ 89

    The most loved break fast item of every Indian. Made with best cooking oil and sabzi prepared with best spices and masala for best taste and flavor. Each plate contains 1 bowl of sabzi and 4 poori.

  • Vegetable Parathas

    Plate/ 99

    Fill your tummy with delicious parathas of various varieties. We have Aloo Parathas, Gobi Parathas, Paneer Parathas and Matar Parathas. Each Plate contains two parathas.

  • Vegetable Upma

    Plate/ 89

    Upma, uppumavu or uppittu is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent, most common in South Indian. One of the most preferred break fast food for people with diet conscious. Made with suji or rava and added with vegetables, kaju and other spices it tastes best for morning meal.

  • Vegetable Club Kachori

    Plate/ 89

    Club kachori are mini version of flaky kachori, that is filled up with a delectable urad dal mixture and then deep fried. These kachoris are hollow inside and crispy outside if it is made with perfection.Into the dough of these kachoris, goes coarsely urad dal paste, suji, little chilli and ginger paste and some hing which gives it its characteristic taste. Served with sabzi containing spicy potato curry with pumpkin Each Plate contains 4 kachori and a bowl of sabzi.

  • Bread Aloo Bonda

    Plate/ 95

    Serve steaming hot and tempting potato bread bonda, prepared with spicy potato filling stuffed in bread and coated with gram flour batter with chutney or sauce. These can be served with breakfast or any special occasion. Each Plate contains 4 pc