• Fruit Custard

    Per Bowl/ 69

    Fruits Custard is basically a creamy dish which contains various kinds of chopped fruits mixed with custard milk. commonly used fruits in this recipe are banana, apple, green grapes, black grapes and pomegranate.

  • Kheer

    Per Bowl/ 50

    Kheer is Indian rice pudding made with only three basic ingredients- rice, milk and sugar. Added with dry fruits, kesar and other ingredients to give it the best taste.

  • Snacks Platter

    / 300

    The snacks platter consists of French Fries, Cheese Balls, Noodle Balls and Paneer Tikka. The platter is best to serve for guests for different variety and tastes.

  • Goond Laddu

    Per Kg/ 850

    Gond ke laddu are healthy wholesome and nutritious sweet balls made of wheat flour, edible gum, jaggery, ghee, almonds and cashews. The most preferred sweet for winters. Order to be placed in Half KG or One KG

  • Thekua

    / 700

    Thekua is made of wheat flour, chasni (melted sugar) and ghee. Dough is prepared using these ingredients and cardamom is added to enhance the taste. Dough is deep fried in ghee. It is soft when hot but hardens after it cools. It needs no preservatives and it is preserved for several days for eating.

  • Litti Chokha

    per plate/ 250

    Litti Chokha a delicious food of the state of Bihar and Jharkhand is one of the most preferred food for taste and health. Litti made of sattu is served with Spicy chutney along with Chokha made of mashed potato, tomato and baigan.